Who’s your teacher?

September 5 is celebrated across India as “Teachers’ Day”. I fondly remember my school days when we used to do a few small things to make our teachers feel special. We made them sit down while we played the role of a teacher, create small gift articles for them, crack some jokes to make them laugh and so on. This got diluted as I grew up and at some time in my life, this day went on to become just another day in the calendar.

This Teachers’ Day, as I was thanking the partners of the firm where I’ve learnt the fundamentals of auditing and taxation, I realised that there are many more who have helped me learn these skills…my colleagues.

This is when it struck to me that I have learnt something or the other from everyone in my life. I’ve learnt the importance of family and values from my parents, in-laws and the extended family. My brothers, brother-in-law and friends taught me the importance of supporting each other and enjoying life. Some folks who were my “fair weather friends” taught me what not to do. My son taught me how to love. My wife not only guides me on my spiritual path, but I also learn simplicity from her. And many others from whom I’ve learnt and learning a lot.

On the occasion of this Teachers’ Day, I thank one and all for being my teachers.

Who would you like to thank on this Teachers’ Day?


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