Who are you competing with?

At the start of my career, I joined a multi national organisation. On the day 1, during the induction, one of the speakers walked into the room and asked us “Do you know who your competitors are?” After hearing our responses, she said “Take a moment. Look around yourself…everybody here and every other person who isn’t here is your competitor. So, you’ve to be on your toes always to stay in the race.”

What she said made absolute sense. This is a ruthless world. Cut-throat competition all around. You can’t take a moment to stop and breathe. I started following that advise.

After sometime, I realised that this was creating a lot of negativity and stress within me. When I looked back, my objective is to progress. Instead of focusing on myself, I was focussing on others. I realised my mistake.

From then on, I began focusing on my progress. I was learning, sharing and was no longer insecure. I was looking at others to learn and not to compete. With this change, I was happily celebrating the success of my colleagues and peers.

What do you think?



  1. I agree with your thought and feeling. In corporate world you are surrounded by most similar people but still you are alone. Best way to progress is way you have shared.

    1. Thank you, Rahul!
      As I changed my thoughts, I started seeing that things weren’t as bad as I perceived them to be.

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