what's your role

What’s your role?

A few days back, we had a water crisis in the society where I live. During the period of crisis, it was very interesting to observe how different folks behaved.

  1. Our society has a management committee – a group of residents who ensure that the society is up and running. They are volunteers who invest their personal time for the comfort of others. In addition, there was some staff who were on the payrolls of the society. During the crisis, they were at the forefront of the fire fighting.
  2. Some residents stepped in to support these volunteers during the hour of the crisis and were on the ground supporting them.
  3. Some other residents worked silently to source and provide vital information that was of immense help.
  4. Some of the residents didn’t do any of the above – they stayed calm and were appreciating the work done by these individuals.
  5. There were very few folks who were said that they are paying the maintenance and they were not getting their money’s worth.

Some of us might judge that individuals in categories #1, #2 & #3 are heroes while those in #4 are useless and folks falling under #5 are pests.

It’s an open secret that the maximum number of human beings fall under category # 4. They are also important as they are silent supporters of categories #1, #2 and #3.

Coming to category #5, they act as a brake in a vehicle. While the morale of some of the volunteers may come down due to this criticism, for others this works as a fuel. Some of these folks who criticize may come forward and say “I’ll show you how to run things better!” and they will indeed do it. So, even this category is important.

According to me, as long as it is positive, all these categories of individuals have their own role to play in the development of our lives. In fact, during our lifetime, we play all these roles at some stage or the other of our life.

What do you think?


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