What are your plans for tomorrow?

I was at an event sometime back and the event host shared a story with all of us. He said ” I had an argument with one of my close friends. It turned bitter and we stopped speaking for many days. After a few years, one of my friends advised me that we should set aside our differences and start talking.” While I agreed, my ego didn’t accept it readily. I said “Sure. I no longer have his number. Give me his number, I’ll call him tomorrow and speak to him.” My friend was happy, he gave me his contact number and said “I’ll tell him to expect your call tomorrow. By the way, he’s now working at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai.” There was a terror attack in Mumbai the next day and that friend of mine, whom I wanted to speak to, was one of the casualties.

A lot of times, we procrastinate things that can be done today. For all that you know, there may not be a tomorrow. So, if you want to speak to someone, say something to someone, make someone happy or make yourself happy…do it now, if possible.

What are you thoughts?



  1. Very true. Procrastination is a self inflicted reason for failure.
    Sant Kabir says, “kaal Kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab”.
    What you plan to do tomorrow, do it today, what you plan to do today, do it now!!
    Nice thoughts Aditya👍

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Yogesh. I completely agree with your views.

  2. Good thought , hard to practice.

    1. Thank you Lakshmi…that’s the case with all good things in life.

  3. I totaly agree Aaditya… infact m practicing it since long .. it’s my basic nature.. I always try not to keep grudge for anyone n if i feel like talking someone i immediately call that person without hesitation .. thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts

    1. Very well articulated, Jolly. I’m glad that you’re able to practice it. It doesn’t come easily to many. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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