What are your Limiting Beliefs? 1 of 2

My classmate Dr. Mumtaj shared this story with me and I have modified it to suit my learning from it.

Once a man goes to a village and challenges the villagers to climb the tallest wall. All the villagers say that it’s impossible. A few of them come forward to try while the others behind them keep discussing why it’s impossible to climb it. All those who tried climbing the wall failed. One young man steps forward, tries a few times and succeeds in the end. The man who challenged the villagers asks the young man “How come you could do it while the whole village failed?” An old villager steps forward and says “Because he’s deaf!”¬†

Doesn’t this sound familiar?

We all have beliefs, thoughts, notions that prevent us from reaching our full potential. While the voices that constantly remind us of these limiting beliefs come from ¬†outside, the most powerful voice is the one that’s within. We often succumb to it and wonder why we aren’t things that others are able to.

In my next week’s post, I’ll share a tool that can help you break those barriers. In the meantime, think through and identify your limiting beliefs.

What are your experiences with Limiting Beliefs? 



  1. A man asks Mahout (an elephant keeper/trainer), how come these giants are tied with a simple delicate chain which they can break free anytime, yet they do not attempt to do so. Mahout says, these chains are strong enough to hold a young elephant and then they grow up with a belief that they would never be able to break it.

    I believe our limiting beliefs are also like those chains.
    Aditya, very nicely written. Keep sharing.

    1. Very true, Yasub. I completely agree with you.
      Thank you for sharing your perspective. Really appreciate it.

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