What are you teaching?

Once, I was at a kids school for some event. One kid came to me and introduced himself. When I told him my name, the question he asked me has baffled me. He asked me “Does it mean you’re not from this religion? What is your religion?” I was silent for a moment and then said “I’m a human being” Now it was his turn to be surprised. He thought for a moment and said “I’m also a human being” I smiled and we both got along pretty well.

This incident got me thinking.

Parents often forget that they are the first teachers to the kids. There are a great deal of things that they learn from us. Some things we teach them but often, we show them. Parenting is not just about providing them good food, shelter, clothing and education. It also involves helping them build a strong value system.

In addition, in our lives, we have role models from whom we tend to follow. But we forget that we are role models for someone else. They learn from us – sometimes by asking us but most of the time by watching us.

When I have started looking at myself, I realised a lot of things that I need to change. I started my journey…have you? What are your experiences?



  1. I love this. You are very right children learn more by watching us than by listening to what we say. There lies our responsibility, instead of giving them lectures, we are invited to pause and think about what attitude we display, what words we use, how we relate to people around us, are we polite ? Do we lie in front of them ? Do we exercise ? Read ? Everything we do is a lesson for them, be it good or bad. I know this so deeply. Thanks for the reminder 😉

    1. Thank you for the brilliant articulation. The questions you asked are indeed thought provoking.

  2. Right Aaditya… knowingly unknowingly we set so many examples for our kids… Good ,bad ,right, wrong ,value based ,… some parents insult their own parents or elders in front of kids n den expect respect from them for themselves .. kids always remember n copy our deeds .. they don’t follow our advise.. well the list is loooong.. but we can try n change ourselves for the next generation..Very thoughtful article

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts, Jolly!
      We are programmed to learn better by watching. That’s why it becomes very important how we conduct ourselves.

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