What are you sowing

What are you sowing?

Once a frustrated man goes his Guru and says “This world is such a negative place – filled with people who don’t respect humanity, behave irresponsibly and have no accountability. Every time I try to be good and helpful, people around me behave foolishly and I back off as they don’t deserve good people like me. What should we do to change this world?”

The Guru looks at him, smiles and says “It is a very valid point. I need some time to think and answer. In the meantime, which fruit do you like the most.” The man instantly answers “Apple.” The Guru hands him over a small packet and says “here, take these seeds and plant them in your garden. It’ll yield some of the most delicious apples in the world.” The man is elated to receive this gift from the Guru.

Next day, he returns back to the Guru and says “The packet you gave me had a mango seed. How can I get an apple tree when I plant mango seeds?”

“Just as you are expecting positive things to happen when you are spreading negative thoughts across the environment,” the Guru says.

Isn’t this familiar?

We keep complaining, we harbor negative thoughts, we are not forthcoming when help is needed and yet expect good things to happen to us.

If you want positivity, you begin spreading it and you’ll see the change.

Many say “you reap what you sow“, but I say “you must sow what you want to reap!

What’s your experience? Share so we can learn together.


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