What are you resisting?

This summer, my parents joined us for the summer vacation. During the day, they’re busy either with their chores or we take them to a nearby temple. In the evening, things tend to get a bit slow. My dad isn’t in a shape that he can walk alone. We live in a society where evenings get busy with families stepping out of a walk and kids are out with their friends. Initially, whenever we used to ask him if he’d like to go for a walk with us, he would always refuse. Even we never forced him.

After a few days, I forced him to come down for a walk. He reluctantly stepped out. After we walked a bit, we reached an area where there are some trees and benches where people sit and enjoy the evening. My dad wanted to sit down there and enjoy the evening breeze. Gradually, a few people of his age group started to assemble there. Slowly they struck a conversation with him. I left him there with them and stood at a distance, with an eye on him. After some time, when we were walking back home, I could see my dad was pleased that he stepped out for a walk. From the next day, there’s a big change – he looks forward to the evening walks. A 180-degree shift.

Isn’t this what we often see?

We tend to resist a change or stepping into unknown territory or stepping out of our comfort zone or doing something new.

But, in all my experiences, whenever I overcame that initial resistance and took that brave step, either I ended up with a memorable experience or learned a key life lesson. But I never regretted taking that step.

Remember, Once Your Resistance Ends…Your Life Starts!

What is your experience with resistance? How did you break it? Is there anything that you are resisting currently?

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