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emotional intelligence

Being Emotionally Intelligent…1/6

┬áThese days, one of the most frequently heard words is “Emotional Intelligence“. Unfortunately, it is mostly misused and misinterpreted. As a result, people tend to go in the wrong direction causing more damage than help. Through this post, I aim to help you understand Emotional Intelligence better. Please note that this is not a research …

achieving goal

What are your limiting beliefs? 2 of 2

I talked about the impact of limiting beliefs in my previous post. Let’s look at it a little closer this week. Before you proceed reading further, I recommend you take a note pad and pen. This exercise takes 5 to 10 minutes. You will need uninterrupted thought process – so please sit alone comfortably and …


What are your Limiting Beliefs? 1 of 2

My classmate Dr. Mumtaj shared this story with me and I have modified it to suit my learning from it. Once a man goes to a village and challenges the villagers to climb the tallest wall. All the villagers say that it’s impossible. A few of them come forward to try while the others behind …