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What are you sowing

What are you sowing?

Once a frustrated man goes his Guru and says “This world is such a negative place – filled with people who don’t respect humanity, behave irresponsibly and have no accountability. Every time I try to be good and helpful, people around me behave foolishly and I back off as they don’t deserve good people like …

stressed out

Stressed Out?

At times, the stress we undergo is caused by the people around us. What we often miss is that the stress is not caused by the people. The stress is caused by our incompetence to deal with them. I’ll share with you a few tips that’ll help you reduce the stress. You like someone and that …

achieving goal

What are your limiting beliefs? 2 of 2

I talked about the impact of limiting beliefs in my previous post. Let’s look at it a little closer this week. Before you proceed reading further, I recommend you take a note pad and pen. This exercise takes 5 to 10 minutes. You will need uninterrupted thought process – so please sit alone comfortably and …