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As a speaker, Aditya can talk on a wide range of topics that are of relevance to working professionals.


He was invited by organisations like Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Tax Bar Association of AP & Telengana,, Harman, Schneider Electric, Spectranet (Nigeria) and Brown-Forman.

Image by Alexandre Pellaes


Aditya recently collaborated with us to deliver 2 Fireside Chats as part of our top talent development programs . The topic, one that he is emphatically passionate about and skilled at discussing, was Emotional Intelligence. From when I started my discussion with Aditya to design this webinar / fireside chat format and right up to the final execution of the same, the entire experience was extremely pleasant, stress-free and incidentally had a lot of learning for me as well.


This is one of those interventions where participants messaged me separately (and spoke about in the later interventions too!) about how very PRACTICAL and relatable Aditya's suggestions and concepts were - and I think that is the cornerstone of what Aditya brings to any OD intervention - the ability to apply, the ability to give actual suggestions (even sentences) to try (instead of vague, motherhood statements) and the explanation of the behavior and science behind all of it. Both interventions were a big hit (targetting 2 different levels of top talents at Schneider India) and the experience of working with Aditya too (his flexibility, patience, adaptability to different audiences) is what made this entire experience a huge success. Thank you Aditya... this is of course just the beginning :) 

Ranjaboti Som – Dy General Manager-Learning, Schneider Electric

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