How Big Is Your Circle Of Responsibility?

Once a man walks up to his Guru and asks “My life is so full of problems. I don’t know what to do, please help.”

The Guru gives him a glass of water, fist full of salt and instructs him to mix them. Once mixed, he asks the man to drink it. The man could taken no more than a sip as it’s very salty. Now the Guru asks the man to mix the same amount of salt in a large tub of water and taste it. The man tastes it and says that it’s not so salty.

The Guru goes on to explain “The quantity of salt was the same but the amount of water increased. When you limit your circle of responsibility, any problem you have seems big. Once you expand your circle, whatever problem you have will not seem big.”

Bringing it together

If we limit ourselves to just our work/profession, any issue we face seems big. But if we expand our circle of responsibility by indulging in a vocation or community service or any other activity, our problems will not reduce but their impact on our mind and in turn on our life, reduces. In effect, our ability to deal with them improves. 

Do you agree with me?



  1. Very well said, Aditya.

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