Do you have a trouble tree?

***Story Source – Anonymous***

Once a carpenter had a very bad day – arrived late due to car break down and faulty tools in tool kit. In the evening, his client drops him home.

The carpenter invites the client home for a coffee. Before entering, the carpenter walks across to a tree next to the entrance, hugs it and then steps in. The moment he steps in, he’s a completely different man – beaming with energy, smiling and cheerful. The client expected it to be grim given the rough day that the carpenter had.

The client asks him “Why did you hug the tree?”

The carpenter smiles and says “Oh! That’s my Trouble Tree. When I return home from work, I hug it and pass on all my troubles. It helps me spend quality time with my family. Next day, before leaving for work, I hug the tree and take back the troubles. The funny thing is, they aren’t as big or as many as they were the night before”.

While we all may not have “trouble tree”, I’ll share a trick that will help. 

If a particular event caused you to have a bad day then follow the below steps. 

  • Sit at a place and close your eyes (keep them closed through out). Take a deep breath, exhale slowly and relax. Take another deep breath, exhale slowly and relax. 
  • Imagine your problem. Give it a name, shape and colour. Make it as vivid as possible.
  • Lift it with both hands and keep it away from you – on a table or on a street or anywhere else.   
  • Take a long, hard look at it and walk away from it. Slowly open your eyes.

This may not solve the problem but can reduce the impact.

Did this help? Share your thoughts and experiences.



  1. Multiple ways for everyone to deal with the insurmountable work loads and the related stress baggages which come with them. This is one such innovation..sure can be tried…but trouble tree is interesting too…it tells us that once you make up your mind about the triviality of these daily baggages you approach them better and get to their end…good read

    1. Thanks for your comments, Param. What you said is true, different things work for different people. If you see the common thread…it’s all about detaching the stress that comes with an event from you!

  2. Everyone uses different ways to deal with their troubles.. and every trouble effects differently to everyone according to his/her way of thinking , level of positivity or negativity, physical n mental health, economical status, stability of mind, circumstances n opportunities… etc.. but still ,yes ..your suggested way can be tried once.. n i will try it for sure.. n will let you know the result..
    Waiting for next Sunday 👍

    1. True, Jolly. Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress. One need not change it as long as it works. This is just another way to reduce stress. Hope you’ll find it helpful.
      Thank you for being one of my very active readers.

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