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Web Consultation


When organisations seek my support in helping them scale up, I draw from the diverse experience that I had for close to two decades and help them achieve their dreams.


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Financial Consulting


This tech start-up approached me to help them with their financials. They were struggling with their financials and they had regulatory threat looming due to non-compliance.


In two months, worked towards fixing their balance sheet, restructured their finances, got them additional funding and got them into a comfortable position.


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Scaling Up of Business


VIDYA is an NGO that is almost 4 decades old – in different cities across the country. The founder approached me to help them build a plan to scale it to the next level.


In addition to working as a mentor to her, we both are working on identifying the appropriate organization structure, coach their talent and help them build a plan to strengthen their finances.


Aditya conducted a session for our mid level leaders as part of their development journey. it was a relatable, practical session with insights ranging from profound revelations to implementable tips. We believe it will go a long way in preparing these leaders for the future, not only for their business roles but also for the impact they need to create on the people and the organization strategy.

Shikha Gupta – Director HR, Greater India Zone, Schneider Electric,

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