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Bespoke Coaching Solutions


ONE SIZE FITS ALL might hold good for a pair of socks.

It doesn’t work that way in coaching.


That’s why, Aditya doesn’t take any client without first understanding from the client about their objectives. Once he understands their objectives, he would either suggest what approach he would take or might advise the client to go for a different professional.


While he adopts different approaches, his signature program is a 2-stage Coaching Program that involves an individual’s Core Values and Emotional Intelligence.

Business Consultation


I have taken an emotional intelligence course with Aditya. Before the course, I was very indecisive, lack of clarity in thought and a lot more. Aditya’s simple visualisation of life and practical examples made me understand what was going wrong with me. I have definitely seen improvement in myself but change takes time and I totally agree with Aditya on this. One thing I learnt is we need to be committed in our path to change.

Abhi Tottempudi – Account Manager, Teikametrics

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