Burn the Bridges…

Do you know the biggest casualties at the start of any new year?

New Year Resolutions“…I’m not kidding. Most of the gyms see a spike in their revenues at the beginning of any new year. By now, most of them are dead and from the few that are left, some are on the death bed.

So, how would you sustain any resolution that you take?

Well, there are many ways but I’ll tell you one of them. A very effective one.

Whenever you come up with any resolution, identify those people who make fun of you when you fail or people who push you. Go to them, brag about your resolution and tell them how confident you are about achieving it.

What this does is – the fear of someone making fun of you or the pressure exerted by your well-wishers will ensure that you will stick to the resolution. You’re creating an effective external support system to sustain in the initial days. Once it becomes a habit, you wouldn’t need the support system.

You’re closing down all the escape routes.

What’s your experience with this?



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