unfollow me book

I’m working on books on varied topics. These books are/will be available both in hard copy format and as e-books. They can be bought from the publisher’s website or from popular retail platforms.

My First Book UNFOLLOW ME is all about achieving your financial dreams. It’s a simple guide to avoid the common traps. A simple guide that takes less than an hour to read, it’s a quick and easy tool to help you get back to financial discipline. Just as a life coach helps you with matters relating to your life, this book acts as your financial coach helping you with your financial discipline.

It will be soon available on Amazon, Flipkart and as ebook on Kindle and Goodreads. For now, it’s available for sale at: www.notionpress.com/read/unfollow-me

As the title reads the book ‘Unfollow Me’ is a Guide for Financial Discipline that helps many professionals to plan their finances in a systematic and disciplined way for a happy & successful life.

BUY UnfollowMe  at  www.notionpress.com/read/unfollow-me