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Being Emotionally Intelligent…6/6

In this last post, we will look into assessing the impact of expressing the emotion. If you didn’t read the previous posts, please read them before proceeding.

As you express the emotion, I recommend you pay close attention to the recipient’s reactions. Few tips –

  1. Observe & Listen – look for the verbal and non-verbal cues from the recipient
  2. If expressing in person, maintain optimum eye contact
  3. Seek feedback, if needed

These will help you assess the impact of your expression. Remember, just as you undergo emotions, the recipient would do so as well. So, it’s important that you assess the recipient’s emotions and not be judgemental about them.

Once you assess them, try to analyze the trigger for that emotion – if it’s a happy emotion, then do it more often. While the intent is not to camouflage your emotions, you can always express them in a way where you don’t dilute the message while not hampering your relationship with the person.

Emotional Intelligence is all about you understanding your emotions and expressing them in a positive way. In addition, it’s also about understanding the emotions of the people that you interact with. Before understanding other’s emotions, it’s important that we understand our emotions. Understanding our emotions will help us easily understand about the people around us.

As you begin this journey, you’ll see how this will make you a better person. If you’re unsure of your area of improvement, an Emotional Intelligence assessment will help you understand the areas you need to improve. Should you need one, do speak to me.

What are your experiences?



  1. Yes I really need to understand Emotional intelligence assessment… to improve my emotional intelligence… Will you please help me ? I went through all your posts about it but still confused..i will be grateful to you if you spare time to make me understand it… thanks..


    1. Sure. Let’s connect

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