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Being Emotionally Intelligent…3/6

This post will talk about Step 2 of Emotional Intelligence. If you didn’t read my previous posts on Emotional Intelligence, I recommend you to read them before proceeding.

Once you learn to name the emotion that you’re going through, it is important for you to understand more about that emotion. Understanding the emotion has two aspects to it – understand what is triggering the emotion and how it is impacting you.

After you name the emotion, try to look for what is triggering that emotion. The emotion is probably triggered by an act, an event, a thought, a word or even the sight of something/someone – could be one or a combination of more than one of these.

In addition to identifying the trigger, you should also learn to identify what that emotion is doing to you. I knew a person who tends to overeat whenever that person was angry. Similarly, whenever we go through an emotion, we tend to do certain things – our style of walking changes or we go through a particular thought pattern or any other thing like that.

It is important to become aware of these two – trigger and impact. This awareness will reduce the impact that the emotion may have on you which in turn will help you to manage it better.

What are your experiences with emotions?


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