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Being Emotionally Intelligent…1/6

 These days, one of the most frequently heard words is “Emotional Intelligence“. Unfortunately, it is mostly misused and misinterpreted. As a result, people tend to go in the wrong direction causing more damage than help.

Through this post, I aim to help you understand Emotional Intelligence better. Please note that this is not a research paper – but just a simplistic explanation of one of the hot topics today. This is my understanding of the subject based on my association with it.

Being Emotionally Intelligent is to have the ability to identify your emotions, understand their effects and express them appropriately.

According to me, following the below 5 step process will help you increase your Emotional Intelligence (I’ll talk about these steps in my subsequent posts):

  1. Awareness – Know your emotion
  2. Understand – Cause & Effect
  3. Decide – What to do with the emotion
  4. Express – How to display it
  5. Impact – The consequences of expression

While there are multiple theories of Emotional Intelligence and various tools to measure it, my preference is the EQi2.0 assessment for its comprehensiveness, accuracy and the ability to give direction. If you Google, you’ll find numerous theories and assessment tools.

I recommend you speak to a professionally qualified individual to seek help.

What are your experiences with Emotional Intelligence?


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