stressed out

Stressed Out?

At times, the stress we undergo is caused by the people around us. What we often miss is that the stress is not caused by the people. The stress is caused by our incompetence to deal with them. I’ll share with you a few tips that’ll help you reduce the stress.

  1. You like someone and that person likes you back
    • Do nothing…just enjoy, have a ball & create memories!
  2. You like someone but they don’t reciprocate
    • Understand the reasons behind them not liking you
    • If you’ll become a better you with that change, then change
    • If you don’t want to make the change, then accept the fact that the person doesn’t like you for a reason known to you
  3. You don’t like someone but that person likes you
    • Assess why you don’t like that person
    • If that’s something that you can overlook & like the person, then do it
    • If not, then respect the person as you’re liked by someone whom you don’t like
  4. You don’t like someone and the feeling is mutual
    • Understand why that person doesn’t like you – if that’s something that you can change, then do it
    • Assess why you you don’t like that person – if that’s something that you can overlook, then do so
    • If both aren’t possible, then reduce your interaction with that person

If you carefully observe, situations #3 and #4 cause stress to you. Always remember, by not liking someone, you’re subjecting yourself to stress!

Deal with the stress before it starts dealing with you.

Do you agree?


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