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In the hustle-bustle called “Life”, you run after things that are unimportant, leaving behind what matters the most. By the time you realise it’s importance, it is either too late or you’re so deep into it that it’s tough to come back – this is where many hire a life coach.

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I’m Aditya, a finance professional with two decades of rich experience in large multi national organizations like JP Morgan Chase, GE, Thermo Fisher, AP Moeller Maersk and Schlumberger.

Traveling and living in different countries, working with different cultures and leading large teams have taught me to appreciate different perspectives. I love working with people – learning from them and learning with them.

  • Qualifications
    • Certified Coach
    • Certified EQi 2.0 assessor
    • Certified NLP Practitioner
    • Certificate course in Counselling Psychology

and yes…a I’m a Chartered Accountant too!