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“Aditya has been recognized as one of the Top Life Coaches   by Coach Foundation.”

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My Story

Charles Swindoll, a famous Author & Educator, once said “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react to it”

Shawn Achor, an American Author & Speaker, says “In reality, if I knew everything about your external world, I can only predict 10% of your long-term happiness. 90% of your long-term happiness is predicted by how your brain processes the world”


Many thought leaders and researches are unanimously agreeing that the way we think and act largely determine our lives.


By moving from Reacting to Responding, we would be able to shape our lives.   


Our Self-Awareness strengthens our ability to Respond.


Awareness opens up limitless possibilities.


Aditya’s Signature Coaching program helps an individual build Self-Awareness.


This program focuses on bringing inner transformation using Core Values and Emotional Intelligence.


This will help them personally and professionally.


aditya kuchibhotla

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An Optimist Facilitating Transformation

Aditya Kuchibhotla is an Associate Certified Coach from International Coaching Federation (ICF ACC) with over 400 hours of coaching experience. Most of his clients are senior executives in large organizations.

Aditya is also a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has over 19 years of diverse corporate experience. He has worked in large organisations like JP Morgan, Thermo Fisher & GE in leadership roles. 

His other Certifications include:

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor (EQi2.0)

  • Certified Mindfulness Trainer

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Counselling Psychology

Client Testimonails

Debjani Ghosh – Personal Growth Coach & Creator @


I have found the mindfulness sessions to be very easy to follow + creating the perfect gateway for a lot of self - revelations and corrections. Each session was worth my time and induced a lot of thought provoking questions by result of which has made me change my way of living my life. I’m grateful to Aditya for introducing me to the subtleties of life via this program which we so easily take for granted. I wish you all the very best to reaching out to more of us “lost souls”.



Srishti Mehta – MBA Student, Shoolini University


Aditya sir was my first ever life coach who helped me in so many ways that I can never be thankful enough. He gave me a new perspective of life and help me overcome so many hurdles. I was fortunate to experience being life coached by such a great person. He is extremely skilled and professional also he will make sure you are comfortable in every aspect. I highly recommend Aditya Kuchibhotla for anyone looking for coaching. My experience has been wonderful and it has been a pleasure knowing him.



Nanki Singh – Customer Marketing Specialist, Travel Retail, India, Middle East & North Africa at Brown-Forman


I attended Aditya's session held virtually for one of the corporate sessions on Emotional Balance & wellbeing and I was blown away. It was a very insightful session & we are extremely grateful to Aditya for sharing his knowledge in this area with us. I wish him the best in his endeavors.


Umesh Budhrani – HR & Admin Manager, Spectranet Ltd, Nigeria


Aditya did a session on Emotional Balance with our team. And what a session! I have never seen the team so engaged and eager to participate. His depth of knowledge on the subject and clear and concise delivery had everyone captivated. His patience responding to questions was endearing. The session was scheduled for an hour but went for almost an hour and a half and we didn't even realize how the time went by. Would certainly invite him for more such interactions in future! 




Shikha Gupta – Director HR, Greater India Zone, Schneider Electric, 


Aditya conducted a session for our mid level leaders as part of their development journey. it was a relatable, practical session with insights ranging from profound revelations to implementable tips. We believe it will go a long way in preparing these leaders for the future, not only for their business roles but also for the impact they need to create on the people and the organization strategy.


Ranjaboti Som – Dy General Manager-Learning, Schneider Electric


Aditya recently collaborated with us to deliver 2 Fireside Chats as part of our top talent development programs . The topic, one that he is emphatically passionate about and skilled at discussing, was Emotional Intelligence. From when I started my discussion with Aditya to design this webinar / fireside chat format and right up to the final execution of the same, the entire experience was extremely pleasant, stress-free and incidentally had a lot of learning for me as well. This is one of those interventions where participants messaged me separately (and spoke about in the later interventions too!) about how very PRACTICAL and relatable Aditya's suggestions and concepts were - and I think that is the cornerstone of what Aditya brings to any OD intervention - the ability to apply, the ability to give actual suggestions (even sentences) to try (instead of vague, motherhood statements) and the explanation of the behavior and science behind all of it. Both interventions were a big hit (targetting 2 different levels of top talents at Schneider India) and the experience of working with Aditya too (his flexibility, patience, adaptability to different audiences) is what made this entire experience a huge success. Thank you Aditya... this is of course just the beginning :) 


Manish Dighe, Head-Finance Operating Platform, BNP Paribas


Aditya always has the ability to peel off the outliers and get straight to the point. Always been a no nonsense guys and has the ability to deliver the message in way for it to have the desired impact. One ends up gaining valuable insights in each conversation and interactions. 


Abhi Tottempudi – Account Manager, Teikametrics


I have taken an emotional intelligence course with Aditya. Before the course, I was very indecisive, lack of clarity in thought and a lot more. Aditya’s simple visualisation of life and practical examples made me understand what was going wrong with me. I have definitely seen improvement in myself but change takes time and I totally agree with Aditya on this. One thing I learnt is we need to be committed in our path to change.

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